Saturday, December 10, 2011

Awesome Responses - Please Continue!

One of the responses I received about my research gave me some insight into my project. I had not seen anyone else’s research touching on the same subject as mine did. This response gave me some perspective into my research from their experience with the same program being conducted on their campus. The time allotted for meetings seem to be positioned during the same time frame on their campus as it is on ours. We have to work around the schedules given with little time to conduct meetings of this kind. One of my concerns reflected the students acting as student ambassadors between meetings. This kind of confirmed my concern in needing to encourage the actions of our ambassadors and completing documentation for the student ambassador actions.
A second response gave encouragement for the project but also suggested positions to take in the discipline portion of the research. The suggestion was to conduct a teen court using prosecutors and attorneys with peer juries handing out appropriate discipline. I feel this is something to look at in the future under the AP direction. We have a PALS mediation group that is conducted by students under a facilitator along with implementing Second Step program over bullying. This suggestion has made me consider the use of data from the PALS mediation group to help in determining if SSA is making a difference in their mediation program as well. I may also conduct a survey with the PAL Mediators who are students on campus to see where they believe the major concerns on campus are. These students deal directly with their peers and issues on campus and can give a great insight on where we need to concentrate our efforts. I would like more feedback on my research as we go so I can consider adjustments to make the program successful. THANK YOU

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