Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Action Research Uses

Action research is an inquiry used to focus on the concerns of the practitioner, and engages practitioners in the design, data collection, and interpretation of data around their question.(Carr and Kemmis 1986) Action inquiry is meant to create questions which lead to theories. These theories create research and collaboration to investigate possible problems. Once the problems are determined then implimenting action strategies to incite possible change and evaluating their effectiveness. The key goal of action research is intended to bring about change of some kind. The use of collaboration from multiple parties of interest makes for more informative data  to build stronger strategies and ideas for improvement or to better understand what works. The use of action inquiry can be used in many ways within the schools. From the biggest issues like safety of all students in our school, building the morale of the faculty, working on wellness initiatives for our students and faculty, and attendence rates to the small issues like which side of the hallway to walk down or what stairwell should be used and in what direction. I feel that the collaboration of many will help to create change that everyone will embrace and uphold. The action research is a tool to help organize and build the steps to making changes effective.

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