Friday, November 18, 2011

Educational Uses of Blog's

Now days many administrators are using blog's to communicate with their staff. One on one meeting are always better for learning but when that is not possible the blog is the next best thing. Administrator's can use blog's to help aleviate frustration for some teachers. Blogging about helpful strategies and the how to's can be very helpful for a quick reference. Blog's can also be helpful in building morale within the staff. The blog's are also used to reflect on responses given in the blog prior to that day.


  1. I also, feel that Blogs let you know what is going on with your staff.
    They may not always as well as the administrator have time for a one on one meeting.

  2. Blogs give teachers a voice. From my experience some teachers do not feel confident to give their input during group meetings, this type of forum provides them that opportunity!