Saturday, November 26, 2011

Insight Into My Action Research

The purpose of my action research is to glance into the roles that students play with their peers. I will be taking an "inside out" approach, which harnesses the power that students have to change things from within and puts them at the center of the solution. The students are typically the first responders on the scene of mistreatment and violence, and can intervene in ways adults can't. While adults may make and enforce the rules at school, students create and maintain the social norms that allow peer mistreatment to happen. As a result of implementing the Safe School Ambassador program, I will be looking for a reduction in violence, mistreatment and tension among students. I will also be looking for a reduction in tardies, truancies, AP referrals and Counselor's referrals.

The significance of my proposed action research study is to try and alleviate the number of referrals to the Assistant Principals office and also to the Counselor's office for mediations. To build student pride within the school setting. To make the students feel safe at school so they want to come to school. The data collected from my research hopefully should assist in giving some insight to our administrators and counselors validating the core focus of the state of affairs on our campus with our student body. To delve into the main concerns that our students are expressing is a major priority. The student ambassadors will fill out action logs of situations where they used the tools given to them and what the outcome was to using those tools. These logs should give some insight on student referrals, situations occurring on campus and also student's reasons for truancy and tardies.

I have learned over the course of this week that action research is strongly needed in the school system. Many things have to be taken into consideration, like student confidentiality, but the accumulation of data and collaboration to come to a viable solution for many issues on the campus is needed.

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  1. I have learned the value of action research as well. I appreciate what the school leaders mentioned in their interviews that to find what is practical,to search for ways to solve issues from other educators and why reinvent the wheel.
    Your action research sounds powerful! I look forward to following your project.