Sunday, August 19, 2012

Discussion Board Wk 1 EDLD 5397

EDLD 5397 WK 1 Discussion Board
2A) The first internship activity that really made an impact on me was being one of five teachers picked from different middle schools in the district to write the curriculum to be put online and used throughout the district in all the middle schools. I worked specifically in creating the sixth grade scope and sequence with one other person and helped in the 7th and 8th grade scope and sequence. In creating this process we took in all the issues that we were concerned with and along with all the different situations each school had and came up with the most flexible schedule we could within the boundaries that were set for us.  Just when we thought we were done we were told we would be giving the in-service to all the subject teachers in the district. I was the person in charge of showing everyone the navigation through the online system and fielding any and all concerns about the new scope and sequence and the process for the curriculum. I had to make sure they knew what the non-negotiable portions were even if they were not in agreement. It is very hard to please everyone. When all was said and done it seemed everyone was onboard with the new system and has found that it has made our jobs easier. It could have easily gone the other way.
The second activity was during my Action Research project. In compiling the data turned in from student’s action logs I narrowed down the area’s on campus that are of concern for our students well being and safety. From this data I found our student’s biggest concerns for safety along with the locations that most of these concerns take place. I also went a little further in finding out which of our student ambassadors who are part of the Safe School Ambassadors program are helping the program or actually part of the school’s issues. This data was brought to our campus improvement committee and used in the summer planning for next year along with trying to increase the funding for the program to continue. I have found that pushing for specific data can drive the decisions an administrator must make to ensure the safest and best education for our students.
2B) One of the biggest surprises that I have found during my internship is that students actually look at you differently when you are acting in an administrative role. Some students actually change how they respond to you when you are actually behind that administrator desk compared to just in the classroom. I also found that my students responded differently with a sub when they knew they would be sent to me as the administrator that day. I have also found that the administrators ask more of you even when you are not in the administrative role for the day. The relationship changes when they know you have sat in their chair for a day and understand what the demands are. I have found that many teachers on the campus who feel the administration does not do anything have no clue what the administrator does or even to a point wants to know. I have also found that these teachers also need some extra training in effective classroom management. It is very different when you get to see more of the picture than stuck in one class all day.

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