Sunday, August 19, 2012

Discussion Board Wk 2 EDLD 5397

Discussion Board Wk 2 EDLD 5397
I feel that I am progressing quite well in my internship. I have completed around 120 hours on my campus supervised activities which has given me the opportunity to work in many of the areas of state competencies. I believe I am strong in Domain 1: School Community Leadership, but would like some more on hands work with creating the school vision. I have been part of the CIC committee and have had some say in the vision for our campus but not actually looking into how to establish the vision. I also reside on the Instructional Leadership Team for my campus so I have touched quite a bit on Domain 2: Instructional Leadership. I would like to work more on teacher (staff) evaluation and development. I have taken the ILD and PDAS but I feel I need more hands on with one of the administrators and sitting in on some evaluations. Domain 3: Administrative Leadership is also an area that I have been working closely with this past year and the safety of our students on and off campus. I am also part of a team working on bringing in a new program with the help of one of our universities. This will be a pilot program and the first in the state of Texas. I have had a great opportunity on my campus and I am lucky to have a great administration willing to help me in my continued learning.
Through this internship I have had to look at things in a different light. I catch myself looking at situations through the teacher’s eyes but then realize I need to readjust and see it as an administrator. This is a whole different way of thinking. I also think how I can implement what I need to but in the same turn have the teachers understand the reasons for it. Many times listening to teachers they look at what is happening to them in their classroom where the administrator has to look at the whole picture. I find myself starting to look at things the way my administrators do and realize the difference in how I look at things on the teacher’s end of the spectrum.

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