Sunday, August 19, 2012

Discussion Board Wk 4 EDLD 5397

Discussion Board Wk 4 EDLD 5397
There are many unwanted behaviors that take place on campus and are directed at other students and faculty. This causes students to be out of the class setting and disrupting other student’s academic studies. This started raising questions as to why this was happening and how it could be changed.
My action research will be working with Safe School Ambassadors on campus and gathering data that is recorded by the (SSA) students. These students will be given specific training and the tools needed to be able to reflect on certain actions taking place on the middle school campus. I will also be looking at data related to our ambassadors to see if a positive impact is being made on our campus by the use of this program or if adjustments need to be made.
There is another program that will be introduced in the second portion of this research to see if it will have any impact on the culture and climate of the middle school students and faculty. This program will also empower the students in making decisions related to their overall experience in the middle school setting. The overall goal is to create an atmosphere that supports every student to be academically successful without the undue pressures of unwanted mistreatment taking place on the middle school campus.
In having to do this action research I have found a heightened awareness of what is taking place on my campus and a better understanding of the vision my administration has set for our campus. This action research has made it easier to have valued conversations with my administrators to the point of being asked to help with implementing another program on our campus this next year which fall right in line with my action research taking place now. This is a great learning opportunity for me along with being part of a new program which has not stepped foot in Texas yet. This action research has made it quite apparent to me that I will continue with action researches throughout my career as an administrator.

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