Sunday, August 19, 2012

Discussion Board Wk 3 EDLD 5397

Discussion Board Wk 3 EDLD 5397
In listening to the video for the class and researching APA style of writing I found that this style is set up to make comprehension of reading easier. There are many times I read about information but I have no idea where the information came from. I spend a lot more time trying to look up the source. APA style includes full disclosure of pertinent information about the resource it came from and helps to look at articles and findings from other research that has been done previously. APA style has sections which have uniform styles to make it easier to find related information easier in the article. I found that this helps to focus on the content instead of trying to figure out the source of the content. APA style of writing also has rules set up for correct punctuation and referencing.
I really like being able to reference materials and information quickly by using the APA style but I get confused sometimes in knowing the actual format I need to reference my resources. I find myself constantly re-looking up the format so I make sure I do not record it improper. I completely understand why APA style of writing came about. It seems to make finding the source of the information a lot easier and a quick reference to finding the pertinent information quickly.
IRB is the specific guidelines that are used by an institution to make sure the ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of human subjects of research are being followed. These regulations are put in place based off the Health Human Services Regulation’s set by the government. Lamar’s IRB policy is a lot more in depth than my districts. My districts policy is requesting approval for research and it is based on surveys and interviews. Lamar goes more in depth with physical usage of human subjects. Both schools have a research request form that has to be completed and approved before a board before any project can be started involving human subjects. My district office approves the project to be presented to the Principal of a campus and they have the option of deciding to allow the project to take place on their campus.
My action research has given some insight into some changes that need to take place on our campus with student discipline. In using Safe School Ambassadors to gain data for our school issues and areas of concern, I have taken these concerns to our summer summit committee and used them to look at other means for discipline structure on our campus. We are finding that the traditional means of structured discipline does not work with our climate and so we need to look into other means of helping our staff and students become successful in the classroom. Talking with my Principal and Assistant Principal I will be helping implement a new program on our campus this next year. This program will fall right in line with my action research in trying to restore relationships between teacher/student, student/student and even family and community. I look forward to adding this into my action research and see the effects of my data.

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