Sunday, August 19, 2012

Discussion Board Wk 5 EDLD 5397

Discussion Board Wk 5 EDLD 5397
I have been a member of the TAHPERD organization for many years which deals with Physical Fitness and Health. This organization has really grown over the last 13 years and has really helped me in my lifelong learning. I have also been a part of (TCTA) Texas Classroom Teachers Association which has really been active in the legislative decisions and lobbying for the schools and teachers. Talking with my administrators and see what all has been coming down the line from the legislature I know I need to join the TASSP, TEPSA and any other organization that will keep me up to date on the current legislative decisions and to place me in a position where I can possibly be heard.
I have found that it is very interesting in what our parents are interested in. Dealing with all the AYP issues for many of the schools in Texas I have found that our parents who do not know the programs we have been offering our students and the time our staff puts in to helping our students, yet the minute they get a letter for school of choice they want to know everything. I understand the concern our parents have but that concern didn’t seem as important before they were given a choice of changing schools within the district. The statement, “The grass is not always greener on the other side”, does not seem to pertain to this situation with our parents in these instances. It is very hard to get our parents to see the concern with the federal government’s standards and the schools that are being offered for choice are not much better off than we are, they just do not receive Title 1 Part A funding from the government. This has made for a very interesting subject to keep up with.

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